Alex Jones Rants As Folk Music

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Sometimes, it just takes some really weird humor to really expose the crazy of the far right…

Vox, an online news outlet, brought the internet’s attention to this now viral video that is, at least in my humble opinion, a truly majestic work of comic genius. Since Trump stepped into the highest office of our nation, comedians have been on the front lines pointing out the absurdity and hypocrisy of the modern Republican Party. Comedy has become one of the fiercest weapons that The Resistance has in it’s arsenal, and the video below is just another example of the “Golden Age of Comedy” in which we now live.

From Vox:

Super Deluxe, a multimedia production company with a bent toward the strange and humorous, has compiled some of the more ridiculous ravings of conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones into a Bon Iver–styled song — and the result has gotten more than 11,000 views on YouTube and has been shared more than 17,000 times on Facebook as of this writing.

Jones is infamous for his unhinged rants and conspiratorial accusations on topics ranging from alleging that 9/11 was an inside job to helping spread the “Pizzagate” conspiracy. To be sure, his rants are foremost deeply disturbing, particularly when you consider some people take them so seriously that they actually act on them; one man fired a gun inside a DC pizzeria because of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy. But Jones’s rants are also often ridiculous. The Super Deluxe video handpicks several in that vein and, by changing their tempo and tone, shows them for how absurd they are.

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