Pueblo County Democratic Party Leadership

Mary Beth Corsentino: “Climate change is bad for polar bears—and people!”

Mary Beth Corsentino, Chair, Pueblo County Democrats

Letter from the Chair:

Welcome to the new and improved Pueblo County Democratic Party website. We hope you find our website informative, useful, and easy to navigate.

As chair of the Pueblo County Democratic Party I’m here to say that we believe in an economy where hard work is rewarded, and where everyone pays his or her fair share and plays by the rules. In a government that’s focused on building a stronger and more secure middle class, with good-paying jobs, affordable higher education, and a secure retirement. That everyone—not just those at the top—should have a fair shot at success and a chance to get ahead. That we all have a responsibility to ourselves, our families, and our communities. All people should have the freedom to make their own choices and live the lives they want.

Mary Beth Corsentino, Chairperson

Party Officers

Albert Becco, 1st Vice Chair
albertbecco@gmail.com   719-564-2377







Breta Ross, 2nd Vice Chair
bsdross@gmail.com   719-547-7117








Michael Schuster, Treasurer
michaelschuster38@msn.com   720-277-8285








Michelle Wiseman, Co-Secretary
mchllwsmn@gmail.com   719-251-0544








Nicholas Voss, Co-Secretary
nsvoss@gmail.com   719-242-3215








Jason Munoz, Communications Director
jasonmunozdeleon@gmail.com   719-671-8716







                      Betty Aragon     Cindy Jones
‎                          Al Becco     Dave Kins
‎              Sharon Bonner     Geri Lane
‎                    Brianna Buentello     Tory Marquesen
‎                                              Jan Butorac     Vicente Martinez Ortega
‎                          Pearl Chavez     Judy Martinez
‎                         Barb Clementi     Lorna Megenity
‎                    JoKay Cozzetto     Mike Orazem
‎                      Don DiFatta     Diana Ortiz
‎                       Pam DiFatta     Gilbert Ortiz
‎    Michelle Randall Garcia     Carole Partin
‎                            Angela Giron     John Singletary
‎                 Rita M. Gonzales     Deric Stowell
‎                      Eppie Griego     John Valdez
‎Peg Hovet

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