2018 Election

Caucus locations We provide available information below on Democratic candidates running for election in 2018, listing their stated issues and links to their campaign websites. Local Level Candidates: Congressional...

Caucus locations

We provide available information below on Democratic candidates running for election in 2018, listing their stated issues and links to their campaign websites.

Local Level Candidates:

Congressional District 3

Diane Mitsch Bush

• Expand economic and educational opportunities for ALL.
• Protect air quality, water supply and wildlife habitats/public lands
Help communities thrive by ensuring that people feel safe, respected, and listened to and trying to get more rural access to infrastructure needed for community vitality: reliable high-speed broadband, affordable, quality health care, and a multimodal transportation system giving hard working people real choices.
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Karl Hanlon

• Health Care Refinement of the ACA, addressing  what works in high-population areas and in rural communities.
• Opiods Address how addiction starts, with a call to the medical profession to implement a plan to police themselves, and pharmaceutical companies to take responsibility for their safe and legal distribution.
• Energy Plan for the transition from fossil fuels and look to alternatives to support our local economies.
• Immigration Ensure that Dreamers continue to be part of the fabric of our country.
• Women’s Rights enforce existing laws; are workplace training, etc. having an impact.
• and: Environment, Guns, Taxes    Read More


State Senate District 3

Leroy Garcia
State Senator, Senate District 3
200 E. Colfax Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80203
303-866-4878 (Capitol)

Jobs: crafting solutions that will help rebuild our economy.
• Invest in our education to ensure a stronger economic future for Colorado.
• Ensure that our veterans receive the benefits and support they have earned.
• Advocate for our regional water rights, to ensure that our water stays in our region.    Read More


Colorado State Representative, District 46

Daneya Esgar
Colorado State Representative, District 46
200 E. Colfax Avenue, Room 307
Denver, Colorado 80203
303-866-2968 (Capitol)
719-822-2046 (Pueblo)
Twitter: @Dlesgar

• Jobs that come with the right to bargain for a real living wage.
Provide access to health care and support for working families.
• Enable affordable utility rates especially for senior adults on a fixed income.
• Reform school funding to fix our education problem.  Read More

Colorado State Representative, District 47

Brianna A. Buentello

Advocate for veterans issues and veterans’ families.
• Ensure that the thousands of families with special needs children are given the help they need.
• Fight to make sure everyone in Southeastern Colorado has the same resources and opportunity as people in Denver.
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Colorado State Representative, District 62

Donald Valdez
Colorado State Representative, District 62
200 E. Colfax Avenue, Room 307
Denver, Colorado 80203
303-866-2916 (Capitol)
Twitter: @DonaldValdezCO

• Promote quality education.
• Protect our water, our land & way of life.
• Support for Veterans’ recognition, quality of care, health & wellness.
• Economic Development with industry & small business growth.
• Provide affordable healthcare.
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Pueblo County Commissioner, District 3

Aaron Lucero

“It’s no secret that we have some issues affecting our community, but I, with input and assistance from each resident, can fix them…”

First course of action: tackle the opioid epidemic that has impacted Pueblo County.





Chris Wiseman









County Clerk and Recorder

Gilbert (“Bo”) Ortiz
County Clerk and Recorder
Pueblo County Courthouse
215 W. 10th Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81003

Advocates for voting rights.
Administered two General Precinct, three All-Mail, two Vote Center, and two Central Count Elections.
Implemented Online Renewals, the Statewide Voter Registration System, Online Voter Registration, and E-Recording, the new Payport that accepts credit cards for the Motor Vehicle Department.     Read More



Pueblo City Council (One position)

Candidate(s) to be determined.


County Treasurer

Del Olivas
County Treasurer
Pueblo County Courthouse
215 W. 10th Street, Room 110
Pueblo, Colorado 81003

Currently serving on, or has served on: United Way of Pueblo County, Pueblo Workforce Development Board, Rosemount Museum, Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Pueblo, Latino Chamber of Commerce, Hope for Children, 2010 Health and Human Services Task Force, Child Advocacy Advisory Board, and with the Social Services technical and business staff committees.     Read More


County Assessor

Frank Beltran
County Assessor
Pueblo County Courthouse
215 W. 10th Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81003

Background includes maintaining a Certified General Appraisal License with the State of Colorado, since 1992; is a Member of the International Association of Assessing Officers, Colorado Association of Assessors, Colorado Association of Tax Appraisers, National Association of Latino Elected Officials, Member of Jac-X-Pres, Pueblo Democratic Party, and Eagles Fraternity.
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County Sheriff

Kirk Taylor
County Sheriff
909 Court Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81003

A graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Session 237, Kirk has been very active in the community, is an Executive Board member with the Joint Terrorism Task Force with the FBI, he teaches at the Pueblo Community College Police Academy. He was appointed in 2009 to the Colorado POST Executive Board by Governor Ritter, assigned by the County Sheriff’s of Colorado to the legislative review committee, appointed to the Cold Case Task Force from governor’s office.   Read More

County Surveyor

Randy Reeves
County Surveyor
4776 Eagleridge Circle
Pueblo, Colorado 81008

• Represents the County in disputes over County boundaries and notifies the County Attorney of unsettled boundary disputes; files all surveys.
• Conducts surveys of County boundaries, accepts, examines and records maps of surveys with the County Clerk and Recorder.
• Establishes disputed boundaries applied for or as appointed by the courts.
• Appoints deputies to discharge their duties faithfully and impartially.
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County Coroner

Troy Newman








Pueblo Mayor

Nick Gradisar








 Jackie Massey
• Education to provide hope to the city’s youth, including additional vocational training opportunities.
• Local Sustainability through support of small businesses and local enterprises.







Steve Nawrocki









State Level Candidates:


Renee Blanchard

Adam Garrity


Moses Humes









Mike Johnston

• Colorado Promise Every Coloradan is eligible for up to two years of debt-free tuition for community college or training in exchange for providing meaningful service to the state.
• Health and Safety Access to high-quality health care; common sense restrictions on gun ownership.
• Taxes and Infrastructure Protect main street businesses; finance new construction of rural schools; tax structure to fund the state’s needs.
• Jobs Increase economic opportunities in rural and urban areas.
• Clean Colorado Continue moving towards a clean energy economy.
• and: Great Schools; Fighting for Our Rights.    Read More


Cary Kennedy

• Education Colorado’s top priority; make sure every child gets a great education that is engaging and empowering; give our teachers the professional pay they deserve.
• Managing Money Keep our budget balanced, put our state on stronger financial footing. Colorado’s taxes are among the lowest in the country.
• Protect Colorado Roads, highways, transit to accommodate everybody; modern schools for all of our kids; protect our water, address climate change and expand broadband. We’ve quadrupled energy from wind and sun, reduced water use, preserved our pristine landscape; it gives us an economic advantage.
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Donna Lynne

• Quality & Affordable Health Care Worked on legislation to expand access, increase transparency, and make health care more affordable.
• Providing a Quality Education Focus on improving funding and outcomes for all Colorado students.
• Protecting Our Environment Improve Colorado’s air quality, ensure we have clean rivers, streams and drinking water, and increase our conservation efforts.
• Opportunity for All  Create good paying jobs, support to raise the minimum wage and income equality for our minority and rural communities.
• Building Infrastructure Invest in roads, water and broadband.
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Jared Polis

• Education Establish universal full day Kindergarten and Preschool and build an education system where teachers are respected.
• Environment Accomplish our statewide clean energy transition by 2040 while saving people money on their utility bills and creating green energy jobs.
• Economy Raise the minimum wage, family medical leave and ensure that employers follow our laws; find fresh ideas to do more to address the rising income disparity.
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Erik Underwood

• Free In State College Tuition The Hope Grant will be funded from the excess state lottery revenues.
• Come Out Of The Shadows Program will allow undocumented immigrants  legal status as a state resident.
• Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative will make industrial hemp an exportable cash crop for Colorado, creating jobs in hard hit rural counties.
• Repeal Tabor Amendment to improve roads and infrastructure and properly fund schools.
• and: Expand Medicaid, Expunge Nonviolent Marijuana Convictions, address Opioid Addiction, promote Equal Pay, support Homeless Vets, protect Environment.     Read More


State Treasurer

Bernard Douthit

• Healthcare Expand the Colorado State Medicaid program.
• Public Banking Instead of depositing our tax and fee revenue in large multinational banks, invest directly in-state.
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Charles Quin Scheibe

“I am not a career politician. I am an experienced businessman who has spent the past 11 years managing Colorado’s finances as the State’s CFO in the Treasurer’s office. We SHOULD and we MUST have a Democrat in the Treasurer’s office that is ready to work on Day 1!”
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David Young

“I have always said we need common sense solutions that are as good and honest and straightforward as our families. That’s why I’m running for State Treasurer.”
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Attorney General

Brad Levin

• Consumer Protection for all consumers of Colorado from fraudulent business practices.
• Civil Rights for others and their civil rights.
• Environment Protect Coloradans from any special interest seeking to take advantage of our environment for their own financial gain.
• Immigration Colorado is stronger because of the generations of immigrants.
• Health Care No one should have to take on health care corporations alone.
and: Public Safety, Reproductive Rights, Opioid Addiction.
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Amy Padden

• Investigated and prosecuted bogus charities and businesses that were engaging in fraudulent practices.
Handled cases involving terrorists and other dangerous inmates housed at the U.S. Penitentiary – Administrative Maximum (“supermax”), as well as worked on several criminal matters.
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Joe Salazar

Environmental and Public Health Protection Promotes better water quality testing and holding oil and gas operators liable for activities that harm.
Criminal Justice Reform Has passed legislation for reform while ensuring protections for victims.
Victim Support Has stood with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) and other groups.
Cannabis Supports the rights of medical and recreational cannabis users.
Death Penalty Opposed as the least effective, most costly, and utterly irreversible form of punishment devised by our correctional system.
Immigration Advocates for humane, just and comprehensive reform.
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Phil Weiser

Economic Growth Will encourage entrepreneurship, ensure that upstarts have a fair shot, that consumers and workers are treated fairly, and remove barriers that get in the way of our citizens finding jobs or building businesses.
• Constitutional Rights Supports the rights of people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community; and religious freedom, freedom of the press, and the humane and fair treatment of immigrants.
• Consumer Protection Promotes consumer protection, privacy, and antitrust enforcement and will challenge mergers that reduce competition.
• Criminal Justice will work to keep Colorado safe and fight violent crimes, including sexual assault and domestic violence.
• Protect our land, air, and water, and fight climate change.    Read More



Secretary of State

Jena Griswold

• Ensure that Colorado has the most secure and accessible elections.
• Protect Coloradans’ right to vote.
• Build a more transparent government by making it easier to see big money’s role in our elections and by supporting a law to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns.
• Provide a resource center for new businesses and entrepreneurs.
• Fight to make Colorado a place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.
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Gabriel McArthur

• Voter Trust Promote a discussion centered around how we can make Coloradans confident in the democratic process again.
• Ensure  that all viewpoints are heard.
• Implement open primaries and all elections as simply and conveniently as possible.
• Access to the Secretary of State’s office, more than ever before.
• Utilize new media in interesting and thoughtful ways to keep Coloradans informed and engaged about elections and business services.
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Phillip Villard

• Protect voter information and the integrity of our elections.
• Update our elections hardware and software to address security concerns.
• Reach out to businesses, entrepreneurs, and the investment community to create a better customer service experience.
• Partner with the working class and family farmers to establish a network of resources.
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