Welcome!!! We are Pueblo County Democrats

The Pueblo County Democratic Party is the official organization for Democrats in Pueblo County.

We seek to inspire, educate, activate, and recruit the citizens of Pueblo County to elect Democratic candidates who support our core Democratic values and principles.


Upcoming Events
  1. Pueblo Indivisible Meeting

    May 28 @ 6:00 pm
  2. Primary Candidate Forum

    May 30 @ 5:30 pm
  3. Talk For Our Lives

    May 31 @ 6:30 pm
  4. Democratic Party Bingo

    June 1 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  5. Pueblo Indivisible Meeting

    June 4 @ 6:00 pm


RT @Bochefus: Thanks for fighting for Pueblo Jobs Senator Garcia! #puebloco https://t.co/vBj7v6Q4kr
RT @SenWarren: Someone was murdered at a Neo-Nazi rally today. That happened. In America. In 2017. It's time to make clear where we stand –…
RT @BillClinton: Even as we protect free speech and assembly, we must condemn hatred, violence and white supremacy. #Charlottesville
RT @TomPerez: The vile & bigoted display of hate in #Charlottesville has no place in America. We stand against white supremacy wherever it…
RT @GovofCO: Today we take a stand after #TempleBeitTorah was defaced. Hate crimes will not be tolerated in our state. https://t.co/enRIVld